What You Need To Know About The New 2023 Ascape Models by Aliner

As we’ve mentioned before, this Aliner has one of the most unique looks and builds on the market while providing everything you need for a great getaway. After a 3-year hiatus, the Ascape is back! This tiny trailer has been built with individual campers needs in mind, and…it’s extremely lightweight. Both Ascape models weigh 1650 and can be towed by most small or mid-sized SUVs. We weren’t kidding!

So what’s the difference? While their exterior look is similar, there are some major interior differences to point out.

Ascape ST

The “ST” in this model stands for, you guessed it, shower and toilet. Packed with the same amenities as a larger camper, you get a kitchen, wet bath, and a dinette that turns into your sleeping space. The Ascape ST features a standard wet bath with a frosted glass door for an added layer of privacy.

Ascape Plus

Walking into the Ascape Plus, you will immediately notice a more open feel. This is because of the extra counter space and the removal of the wet bath. You will have a cassette toilet in the Plus model that stays hidden until you need it. This trailer also has 50 pounds less of carrying capacity due to the additional cabinetry that takes the place of the wet bath. Both models include the solid maple hardwood cabinet doors, but the Plus is equipped with a bit more storage.

Main Difference

While both units are pretty similar, the bathroom situation is going to be the main difference. If you are wanting some extra privacy when camping and an interior shower, the Ascape ST would be a great choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for extra counter space and not concerned about additional privacy or an indoor shower, the Ascape Plus might be just the thing for you!

Either way, these Ascapes by Aliner are easy to tow, long-lasting, and have a unique look. For more information on both of these units, check out our Walkthrough Videos on YouTube!

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