Explore the Luxury and Craftsmanship of Oliver Travel Trailers

Since 2007, Oliver Travel Trailers have been producing high quality Fiberglass campers for the outdoor obsessed! With a goal to build the best RV on the market, Oliver took their love for the outdoors and their years of RV experience and built something that was meant to last. Oliver Travel Trailers aren’t built the easy way, they are built the right way. This means they take their time when putting these campers together. In fact, their overall production to delivery time is over 400 hours! With the double-hull design, four season build, and uniquely engineered chassis, the Oliver Campers will get you out in nature for years to come.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Oliver Travel Trailers History

With a love for camping and the outdoors, the Oliver family was no stranger to the RV industry. Growing up, the Oliver’s would travel all around the US, gathering around the campfire, cooking together, and making lasting memories. One thing always seems to stand out to them, quality. With hundreds, even thousands of miles on these campers, they dealt with walls falling apart, cupboards would fall off the walls, etc.

So, their solution? Build an RV brand dedicated to top quality materials and an incredible structure meant to last. For two years, they built these campers out of their garage; and in 2024, Oliver has a manufacturing plant that lives by the same mission created all those years ago.

Oliver Setting A Part From the Rest

Oliver Travel Trailers Build

With a strong build and materials, Oliver Travel Trailers are known for their quality, meaning less stress on maintenance and more enjoyment for camping in the great outdoors. Since 2007, the have been producing high-quality fiberglass travel trailers that are engineered with a double-shelled molded fiberglass composite hull. It is truly a testament to Oliver Travel Trailers commitment to quality. When you purchase an Oliver, you can be confident that your investment won’t just last but will be a timeless piece that can be passed down.

Innovative Design Features

Oliver Travel Trailers 4-Season

While the unique fiberglass, double-hull shell, these trailers not only last, but can also be used all 4 seasons. That’s right! Oliver Travel Trailers are 4 season campers, meaning you’ll have superior comfort no matter what weather conditions you find yourself in. Engineered to withstand all sorts of temperatures, you can travel with peace of mind no matter where the journey takes you.

The Oliver camper design not only looks sleek but also serves functionally. The rounded corners and recessed areas allow for better aerodynamics making this an easy tow option. Not only does it tow effortlessly, it also improves fuel efficiency.

Luxurious Interior Amenities

Interior of Oliver Travel Trailer

With lighting that illuminates the entire interior, there is an immediate sense of luxury. Every inch of interior space was thoughtfully designed to provide plenty of storage space as well as living space. Plus, the well-equipped kitchen is surrounded by dovetailed wooden slide-out drawers and a large pantry, plenty of room for all the camp snack essentials. You’ll have plenty of entertainment with the addition of a TV and Bluetooth stereo. On top of that, you’ll have a bathroom with plenty of space to freshen up after a day of travel.

Customer Experience & Community

The Oliver experience is like no other. Throughout this blog, we’ve touched multiple times on the quality of these luxury travel trailers, but let’s dive into the overall experience. With a product they fully back, Oliver offers a few warranties with each trailer:

  • Five-Year Limited Fiberglass Body and Aluminum Chassis Warranty
  • Two-Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • One-Year Limited Components Warranty
  • Extended Continued Support

Not only do they offer an incredible warranty plan, but they also have several educational videos and articles you have complete access to.

Additionally, Oliver has built an incredible community of campers, with rallies, campouts, and lifelong friends all with the same love for the outdoors.  

Our Final Thoughts

Oliver Travel Trailers Luxury Interior

Oliver Travel Trailers epitomize the fusion of luxury and craftsmanship in the RV industry. Since 2008, Oliver has remained committed to building quality RVs in the market, driven by a passion for the outdoors and making memories along the way. Their journey from a garage-based operation to a leading manufacturer shows just how deep their love runs for this product and pursuit of excellence.

Oliver’s distinctive double-hull design and meticulous construction sets them apart from the rest, ensuring durability, reliability, and longevity.

Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or simply escaping to the great outdoors for the weekend, Oliver ensures that every journey is a memorable one. Discover the luxury and craftsmanship of Oliver Travel Trailers by stopping by our Princess Craft Round Rock location or checking out our inventory online.

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