MDC 15-4 Off-Road Travel Trailer | Where Luxury and Rugged Meet

Living in the constant hustle and bustle, we crave time in nature, adventures to new places, and making memories with our loved ones. Our suggestion? Camping off the grid! It’s the perfect way to escape from the chaos and take some time to simply unwind, explore, read a book, or whatever else you want to do…we don’t make the rules. Gaining popularity, off road or off-grid trailers are becoming more and more common as we seek to explore all mother nature has to offer. So, what makes the MDC 15-4 so capable? Let’s get into it!

What’s The Deal with Cassette Toilets?

Embarking on RV adventures shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort or convenience, especially when exploring off-grid destinations. That’s why MDC USA opted for the Thetford Cassette Toilet, a standard feature in all their off-road trailers. While we don’t see this in many RVs, it is becoming more of a standard, especially in these overlanding rigs. So, what’s the deal with the cassette toilet?