MDC 15-4 Off-Road Travel Trailer | Where Luxury and Rugged Meet

Living in the constant hustle and bustle, we crave time in nature, adventures to new places, and making memories with our loved ones. Our suggestion? Camping off the grid! It’s the perfect way to escape from the chaos and take some time to simply unwind, explore, read a book, or whatever else you want to do…we don’t make the rules. Gaining popularity, off road or off-grid trailers are becoming more and more common as we seek to explore all mother nature has to offer. So, what makes the MDC XL15-4E so capable? Let’s get into it!

Features Overview


Robust Construction: Made for the adventure seeker, MDC travel trailers come standard with all the features you want and need to camp off the beaten path. This includes a comprehensive chassis build, aluminum construction build, meant to last, and multiple safety features. With the Trail Assure BG-5000, you’ll have more control than an average trailer when it comes to rugged terrain. As you drive through rocky hills or sandy beaches, the Trail Assure system plus the DO35 hitch, will ensure your tow vehicle and travel trailer work together to get you to your campsite safely.

MDC USA Hybrid Camper

Comfortable Living Space: MDC USA designs their travel trailers to utilize every nook and cranny. From amenities to storage, they’ve got you covered. The interior of the MDC XL15-4E include bunk beds, a spacious wetbath, Olympic queen bed, a separate couch/lounge area with an adjustable table, television, and kitchenette area. Under the bunk you’ll find several storage areas, perfect for putting away clothes, gear, etc. Plus, you’ll have a large wardrobe space right next to your sleeping quarters. Seriously…this camper is packed with storage!

Outdoor Living Space: The amenities don’t stop on the interior! The MDC XL15-4E includes a full Annex room that encloses your outdoor cooking space. It’ll come standard with an enclosed roof, walls, floor, and draft skirt. Use this space to grab some shade on warm days or even an additional sleeping room for guests. Plus, the outdoor shower is perfect when you need to rinse off muddy dogs or sandy feet before heading back inside.

RV With Outdoor Cooking Space: Speaking of the outdoor cooking space…the chef in your life will swoon over this area. You’ll have a well-equipped kitchen that includes a 3-burner cooktop, utensil holder, sink, and a rack with two shelves.

Design and Layout

Exterior Design: Not only does MDC USA come equipped with rugged, off grid features, their graphics and design fully embody just that. And, the diamond plate rock guard on the exterior will protect your trailer from gravel/rocks during your excursions.

MDC USA XL15-4E Floorplan

Interior Layout: MDC USA prepped you for off-grid camping AND built out comfortable sleeping quarters on the interior of their rigs. Walking into the MDC XL15-4E, you’ll find bunks right at the entry. This is perfect for the kiddos, pups, or even extra guests that tag along on your adventures. Walking further into this camper, you’ll be set with an Olympic queen size bed. Not your standard RV bed, the MDC XL15-4E includes an innerspring mattress, perfect for restful nights on the road. Additionally, you’ll have access to a spacious wetbath that includes a Thetford Cassette Toilet, shower, and sink area. Need a middle of the night snack? No problem! The interior kitchen includes a sink and a 2 burner cooktop, with loads of pantry storage.

Off Grid Power: Traveling off the grid has never been easier with the MDC USA XL15-4E. This rig comes equipped with 4 175W Solar Panels (700W total), 200Ah Lithium Ion battery, and 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. This will allow you to explore further into nature without fear of losing power.

Off Grid Comforts

Climate Control: Camp on the chilliest of days or in the warmest of climates. The MDC USA XL15-4E camper comes equipped with A/C and heat, ensuring year round camping trips are easy breezy. Plus, it’s 4-season ready! Your rig will be protected from freezing temperatures with tank heating pads, HWS electric anti-freeze kit, and LiFePRO+® integrated heating and insulated water lines.

Entertainment System: On days where weather keeps you indoors, stay entertained with the HD LED TV with 12V compatibility and a full motion TV bracket. Plus, you’ll have several power outlets through the entire camper (inside and out) so you can stay charged at any destination.

Explore the rugged outdoors with confidence in the MDC Off-Road Travel Trailer. Built tough for off-road excursions, it offers durability and reliability. With spacious interiors and thoughtful amenities, it ensures comfort on the go. Enjoy the outdoors under the 13.8’ 12V cassette awning, while staying connected and entertained. The MDC XL15-4E is your ultimate adventure rig for off-grid travels.

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