What’s The Deal with Cassette Toilets?

Embarking on RV adventures shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort or convenience, especially when exploring off-grid destinations. That’s why MDC USA opted for the Thetford Cassette Toilet, a standard feature in all their off-road trailers. While we don’t see this in many RVs, it is becoming more of a standard, especially in these overlanding rigs. So, what’s the deal with the cassette toilet?

First….What is it?

Thetford Cassette Toilet

A cassette toilet provides a convenient, hassle-free black tank solution. What sets it apart is its connection to a portable black tank, usually holding around 5 gallons of waste. This tank, situated on the exterior of the vehicle behind a holding cabinet, collects waste from the toilet. When it’s time to empty the tank, just pull out the cassette from its compartment and roll it to the nearby dump station for disposal.

Convenience Redefined:

Ditch the complexities of traditional RV toilets. The Thetford Cassette Toilet offers convenience with its user-friendly design and straightforward operation. With the built-in cassette, disposing of waste becomes a simple and efficient task. This ensures a stress-free camping experience even in remote locations.

The Ultimate Space-Saver:

Dry Bath in MDC USA Travel Trailer With Cassette Toilet

As we all know, space is crucial in any RV, and traditional RV toilets and black tanks can take up square footage and weight. The Thetford Cassette Toilet’s compact design maximizes space within your MDC USA Trailer, providing more room for essential gear and comfortable living quarters.

Minimal Maintenance:

Cleaning and maintaining traditional RV toilets can often feel like a chore. However, with the Thetford Cassette Toilet, upkeep is a breeze. Its detachable waste cassette can be easily removed and emptied at designated dumping stations, minimizing mess, and simplifying the sanitation process.

Portability at its Finest:

Cassette Holding Tank in MDC

The Thetford Cassette Toilet offers unmatched portability no matter where the journey takes you. Its compact size allows you to transport waste to dumping stations with ease, eliminating the need to maneuver the entire rig. Simply detach the cassette tank from its holding station, roll it to the disposal point, empty, and you’re good to go!

The Thetford Cassette Toilet revolutionizes the camping experience for adventurers seeking off-grid getaways. Its convenience, space-saving design, minimal maintenance, and portability make it the ultimate choice for those embarking on adventures in MDC USA Trailers. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional RV toilets and embrace the freedom and flexibility that comes with the Thetford Cassette Toilet.

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