Lance Campers History and Arguments RVers Get Into – Podcast


In the 22nd episode of the RV Small Talk Podcast, PJ and Clint had a chance to sit down with two guys who’ve been with Lance since almost the beginning. That means Jack and Gary have been at ground zero for the innovations Lance campers have brought to both Truck Campers and Travel Trailers. How ground zero? Jack started at the bottom, mopping floors and what-not. Gary, he started on the dealership side of things in the 70s and found his way into the world of Lance manufacturing somewhere along the way.


Also in the episode, Lindsay and Clint consider some of the things RVers can be found arguing about on the internet, at the dealerships, or in the woods. We all know campers are among the happiest and kindest people out there… but none of us can resist all opportunities to argue our preferences! Have a listen to this fun segment!

Ep. 22

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