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Get ready for a journey beyond the ordinary with the inTech RV Flyer Pursue. Crafted with adventure in mind, this rugged teardrop trailer is designed to tackle rough terrains, taking you to destinations off the beaten path. Built on an all-aluminum, fully welded cage frame, the Flyer Pursue is not only robust but also highly adaptable. With its minimalist yet versatile design, it can be customized to suit your unique needs – whether you’re adding on a tent for extra sleeping space or installing batwing awnings for extended outdoor living, the possibilities are endless.

inTech Flyer Pursue

Innovative Kitchen

The outdoor slideout kitchen provides a seamless culinary experience surrounded by nature. Setting up in just seconds, the two-burner stove is complemented by a spacious storage cabinet, ideal for stowing away all your cooking essentials. The removable table creates an L-Base kitchen configuration, offering providing a prep area for your culinary adventures. Additionally, the 45-quart 12V refrigerator eliminates the hassle of dealing with ice, keeping your food and beverages cool throughout your journey. Cook under the stars with ease as the 12V LED light will illuminate your entire area.

Fresh Water System

The Flyer Pursue comes equipped with an efficient RV fresh water system, ensuring you have access to clean water wherever your adventures take you. The included spray away hose adds a touch of convenience to your outdoor experience, making it easy to clean up after a day of exploration.

LP Furnace

Camping in colder climates? The Flyer Pursue has you covered with its LP furnace. Stay warm and cozy inside your teardrop trailer, even when the weather outside is chilly. The LP furnace ensures that your camping trips remain comfortable, regardless of the season.

inTech Flyer Pursue 2" Receiver

2″ Receiver

The Flyer Pursue also features a 2″ receiver rated for 175 pounds. So, bring your bikes along for the journey!

Why We Love The inTech Flyer Pursue

With its sturdy construction, innovative features, and customizable options, the inTech RV Flyer Pursue is your ticket to exploring nature on your terms. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a newcomer to the world of teardrop trailers, the Flyer Pursue invites you to embrace the open road and create unforgettable memories along the way.

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