Unveiling The All Electric Cirrus 920 Truck Camper

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After a long hiatus, the eagerly awaited Cirrus 920 by nuCamp has made its return. And it’s back with a groundbreaking twist – it’s all electric! This hard side, non-slide truck camper is engineered to deliver the ultimate off grid camping adventure. With innovative features and forward-thinking design, the Cirrus 920 is set to revolutionize the way we explore the great outdoors.

Cirrus 920 by nuCamp

Made for long bed, 1-ton trucks, the 920 includes 930 watts of solar, 810 Amp hours Battle Born lithium battery bank, Victron Solar Charge Controller, and REDARC DC to DC charger. And that’s just the beginning of the all-new Cirrus Truck Camper; cirrusly…nuCamp has done it again with their forward thinking! Did we mention it has a dry bath?

Unveiling the Cirrus 920

While the Cirrus 920 is full of all electric features, it’s also worth noting the size of this truck camper. Largest in the Cirrus line, the 920 is 8 feet wide, has a base dry weight of 4,361 pounds, and its center of gravity is 50 inches from the front wall. The basement also has an additional 4 inches as compared to the Cirrus 820, allowing space for the lithium batteries.

Driving Cirrus 920 by nuCamp

You’ll also be equipped with a 43-gallon Fresh Water tank, 25-gallon Black Water tank, and a 35-gallon Gray Water tank, allowing you to stay off grid for longer periods of time.

Additionally, the fully walkable roof holds three 310 Watt Solar Panels, designed by Sunflare Solar.

Knowing this was going to be an all-electric camper, nuCamp worked with Dragonfly Energy to design not only the solar panels but also the solar controller and electrical system. For peace of mind and added power, nuCamp has included a storage option for a portable Honda EU3200i generator.

When you’re looking to connect to shore power, the inclusion of a 50-amp Smart Plug system facilitates seamless connection at any campsite, enhancing versatility for all camping scenarios. Rather than your standard collar twist system, the Smart Plug system will click into your outlet making it a secure and waterproof choice.

Four Season Comfort

Alde System in Cirrus 920

The Cirrus 920 is designed to thrive in all seasons, keeping you comfortable year-round. With the Truma Aventa air conditioner, you’ll stay cool during summer months, while the Alde hydronic heating system keeps you warm on chilly days. Additionally, the Alde heat convector safeguards against your holding tanks freezing during the winter camping trips.

Luxurious Interior and Amenities

Cirrus 920 Galley With Storage

Stepping inside the Cirrus 920, you’ll be greeted with luxury and comfort. Built with 100% solid wood cabinets, complemented with a sleek elm premium paper finish, exude a polished and sleek look. The large acrylic windows in this truck camper not only add to the open feel, but also provide airflow throughout.

Additionally, the Cirrus 920 includes several storage compartments, keeping your clothes, gear, and other essentials out of sight. Not only do you have wardrobes on both sides and upper cabinets, but you’ll also have 2 side hampers to store any dirty clothes. With the addition of the huge sliding pantry, you’ll have plenty of room for extra snacks during your adventures!

Cirrus 920 Dry Bath

The well-appointed kitchen features a two-burner induction cooktop, electric oven, microwave, and farmhouse sink, elevating the culinary experience on the road. And when you’re done whipping up your favorite dish, head over to the spacious booth dinette and relax while gazing out the large window. The dinette also converts into an additional sleeping space, perfect for kiddos, pets, or additional guests.

Moreover, the inclusion of a dry bath, complete with a porcelain toilet, corner sink, medicine cabinet, and walk-in shower with a skylight, incorporates convenience and luxury in a compact space.

After a day of fun, head into your sleeping space where you have a 32″ TV, queen bed, and a stargazer window. Like the other Cirrus Truck Campers, the 920 features the Froli system, creating an articulated air-flow surface.

Where to Find Your Cirrus 920

Experience the unparalleled features and amenities of the Cirrus 920 firsthand at our Round Rock, Texas location. Or, check out Walkthrough video on YouTube to discover why the Cirrus 920 by nuCamp is the choice for your next adventure.

With its groundbreaking all-electric design, innovative features, and unwavering commitment to quality, the Cirrus 920 by nuCamp sets a new standard in truck camping. Whether you’re seeking off-grid escapades or luxurious comfort on the road, this remarkable camper promises an unforgettable journey. Join the revolution and elevate your camping experience with the Cirrus 920.

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