Lance 2185 Travel Trailer: A Family Camper with Modern Technology

Written by Caitlyn Smalley

Videography/Editing/Production: Clint Sandburg, Presenter/Host: PJ Buerger

When it comes to family camping adventures, the Lance 2185 Travel Trailer stands out as a perfect choice. This spacious RV offers a private bunkhouse and a walkaround queen bed, leaving plenty of room for up to seven people comfortably. But what truly sets this travel trailer apart is the modern technology it brings to the world of RVing. Lance offers cutting-edge features that make their truck campers and travel trailers a top choice.

Comfortable Accommodations

The Lance 2185 has been thoughtfully crafted with families in mind. With its private bunkhouse, walkaround queen bed, and convertible dinette, it can comfortably sleep up to seven people. The private bunkhouse offers a dedicated space for kids, complete with spacious beds and ample storage. Additionally, the walkaround queen bed has wardrobes on both sides, providing extra room for clothing and a convenient nightstand for your electronics. The head-of-bed window not only floods the interior with natural light throughout the day but also open up to allow a refreshing breeze inside. Under the queen bed, you’ll discover additional storage space, perfect for stowing away extra shoes, gear, and any other items you wish to bring along.

Modern Technology

Lance has a reputation for integrating state-of-the-art technology into their RVs, and the 2185 is no exception. Here are some of the technological features that enhance the overall camping experience:

a. Lance Connect Lance Connect is an innovative system that allows you to control various functions of your travel trailer through a mobile app. From adjusting the temperature of the interior to monitoring tank levels, Lance Connect makes it easy to manage your RV from your smartphone.

b. Solar Power Options For eco-conscious campers or off-road enthusiasts, Lance offers solar power options to keep your RV running off the grid. Solar panels can be installed on the Lance 2185, providing clean and sustainable energy to power your appliances and devices.

c. Advanced Climate Control The Lance 2185 is equipped with a high-quality climate control system, ensuring that you and your family stay comfortable no matter the weather. From heating to cooling, Lance RVs provide a cozy environment year-round.

d. Dual Pane Acrylic Windows for Ventilation Lance goes the extra mile to ensure that your camping experience is comfortable and enjoyable. They offer dual-pane acrylic windows that open completely, allowing for excellent air ventilation throughout the interior. These windows provide fresh air and natural light, creating a pleasant atmosphere inside the trailer. Plus, they will help keep your camper warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

e. Entertainment Systems Long road trips and camping adventures often come with downtime. Lance RVs come with top-notch entertainment systems, including flat-screen TVs, Bluetooth speakers, and even options for outdoor entertainment setups. Movie nights and music by the campfire have never been easier!

Safety Features

Lance prioritizes the safety of its customers, and the 2185 is no exception. Modern safety features, such as anti-sway technology, a backup camera hook-up, and advanced braking systems, are all part of the Lance experience. These features provide peace of mind, especially when towing a travel trailer with your loved ones.

Quality Construction

Lance is known for its commitment to quality and durability. The Lance 2185 is built to withstand various road conditions and the elements. With attention to detail and quality materials, Lance RVs are designed to last for years of family adventures.

The Lance 2185 Travel Trailer is more than just a camper; it’s a gateway to unforgettable family adventures. With its comfortable accommodations, modern technology, safety features, and quality construction, Lance RVs provide everything you need for a memorable trip. So, pack your bags, hit the open road, and let Lance take you on a journey where family and technology come together in perfect harmony.

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