Encore RV: Made For The Adventure Seeker

Get To Know Encore RV

Encore RV’s mission is simple – always move forward – and that’s exactly what they are doing. With a focus on thoughtful designs and meticulous manufacturing process, Encore RV provides adventure trailers that let you connect with nature. The entire lineup of both ROG and Venu products are 100% wood-free, eliminating concerns about wood rot, mold, mildew, and rust down the line. Additionally, all the campers are equipped with an all-aluminum frame, making their product lightweight and durable.

The driving force behind Encore RV, Rich Schnippel, boasts decades of experience in the RV industry. Because of this, he understands the unique requirements of off-road adventure enthusiast. Upholding their unwavering commitment to quality and durability, Encore spent over two years in development to ensure they were crafting products that adventure seekers truly desire.

Presenter/Host: PJ Buerger, Videography/Editing: Clint Sandberg, Producer: Caitlyn Smalley, Recorded on location at Princess Craft RV

Structure & Build for a Rugged Design

Looking to break the norm, Encore RV builds their adventure rigs with non-traditional materials that are meant to last, while also being lightweight. Notably, Encore RV has equipped their trailers with comforts that offer an unrivaled off-grid camping experience. From fresh water tanks that hold up to 43 gallons to 16,000-20,000 BTU furnaces, these adventure rigs are ready for an exciting journey, no matter where the road leads you.

“Our product lines are all built using a Tri-Bond constructed all aluminum foundation and framing. This means that all attachment points have a 360 degree weld all the way around them. We screw that attachment point together and use an industrial adhesive as well creating the TRI-Bond construction. All our products are 100% wood-free so we use a mix of fiberglass, composite material, and AZDEL for the flooring, sidewalls, and roof. All roofs are fully walkable one-piece fiberglass roofs. This construction is why we can have an industry leading warranty: 2 Years Hitch to Bumper / 5 Year Structural FULLY TRANSFERABLE.” – Nick Vaughn, Regional Sales Manager

Speaking of Warranty…

Encore’s commitment to the quality construction of their ROG and Venu lines is reflected in their warranty packages. With two standard warranties, you’ll be left with peace of mind for your future RV travels in one of their campers. Firstly, they offer a two-year Bumper to Hitch Limited Warranty that covers almost every component for two years. Next, is the 5-year Structural Limited Warranty that covers the frame, exterior sidewalls, floors, and other major structural components.

Both warranties are transferrable as well. So, if you sell your Encore RV you can also transfer the warranty over to the new owner.

The ROG Line

Host/Presenter: PJ Buerger, Videography/Editing/Production: Clint Sandberg, Recorded on location at Princess Craft RV, Round Rock, Texas

This rich ROG lineup is full of features and functionalities created for each adventure seekers unique needs. The large all-terrain tires come standard on all ROG travel trailers that will give you excellent ground clearance, allowing you to get off the highway and deep into adventure. When the paved roads end and your destination is near, the torsion axel suspension will help absorb any bumps and uneven terrain that you encounter. Additionally, the roof rack with a built-in mounting system enables you to install awnings, kayaks, bikes, and surfboards in a jiff. Plus, the added roof rack is equipped to handle a roof top tent so you can bring extra guests on your off-grid escapade.

ROG Travel Trailers:

  • ROG 10MC
  • ROG 12BH
  • ROG 12BH-SS
  • ROG 12RK
  • ROG 12RK-SS
  • ROG 14TH 1
  • ROG 14TH-2
  • ROG 16RB
Host/Presenter: PJ Buerger, Videography/Editing/Production: Clint Sandberg, Recorded on location at Princess Craft RV, Round Rock, Texas

“This is our original Adventure Trailer. Built using our Tri-Bond all aluminum foundation / framing, 100% wood free, composite material / AZDEL, one piece fully walkable fiberglass roof, Off Road Mud Tires, all aluminum powder coated laser cut cabinetry, custom roof rack etc… We have a variety of layouts; smaller 12ft sit down units, small and large toy haulers, and full-size stand-up units. Truly the go anywhere do anything Adventure Trailer” – Nick Vaughn, Regional Sales Manager

The Venu Line

Next in the Encore RV lineup is their newest Adventure Trailer, the Venu. This lightweight camper offers a teardrop style travel trailer with a quality build at an affordable price. Additionally, the Venu line was built with an all-aluminum frame and uses a Tri-Bond Construction with again – a 100% wood free build. As a built to last travel trailer, this is a lightweight camper that’s under 2000 pounds, making it an extremely capable tow option.

“Our newest Adventure Trailer, this trailer provides a more residential style unit to the Encore RV lineup. The VENU gives a very fresh look to the segment. The unit is built identical to how the ROG’s are built (Tri-Bond construction, 100% wood free, composite material / AZDEL, one piece fully walkable fiberglass roof, etc…) Keeping the unit lightweight, easy to maneuver, and overall quality very high.”  Nick Vaughn, Regional Sales Manager

What Makes The Encore Products Off-Road?

For those looking to get off the pavement and explore further into nature, the Encore products were built to last. Not only are these 100% wood-free travel trailers, the large tires, extra ground clearance, and Deter Torsion Axle will get you to your destination, no matter where the journey takes you.

“Our superior construction is the base of what makes our Adventure Trailers “off-road” or Overland ready. The base axle is a Dexter Torsion Axle matched with Off Road All Terrain Mid Tires, this axle / suspension can be upgraded to an Timberen Axleless Suspension (independent suspension). Heavy-Duty Walk-On Fenders and a Max Coupler 360 Degree Articulating Hitch can be added to each unit as well. Each unit also has 12V power hook ups on each corner of the roof rack. Every Encore RV product also has maximum freshwater capacities for each individual unit.” – Nick Vaughn, Regional Sales Manager

Survival Series Package

As an adventure seeker, the Survival Series offers tools you need for a grand overland experience! Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned veteran, the Survival Series package will elevate your journey in the great outdoors.

Survival Series features include:

  • HD Antenna & Quick Remove Roof Rack Mount w/Coaxial Cable
  • Overland Shovel – Brackets – Quick Fist Grips – Lock
  • 28″ Chopping Axe – Brackets – Quick Fist Grips – Lock
  • 18″ Splitting Axe – Brackets – Quick Fist Grips – Lock
  • (2) 12V LED Flood Pod Lights – Roof Rack Mounted
  • Flag Bracket – Flag Mount – Flag Pole 
  • American or Canadian Embroidered Flag
  • 25″ LP Griddle w/Quick LP Connect
  • Removable Griddle Table w/Shelf & Stainless Utensil Holder
  • Off-Grid Ladder – Roof Access
  • Heavy-Duty/Walk-On Fenders
  • First-Aid Kit – Bungee Mount – Interior
  • 32″ LED 12V Television
  • Articulating & Locking TV Mount
  • King 12V Powered Coaxial Recept
  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filtration
  • Survival Hacks Book
  • Custom Survival Series Graphics

In addition to the Survival Series package, Encore RV offers the Power-Up package that’ll keep you off the grid longer. This includes:

  • 12V Lithium Battery 100aH
  • (2) Extra Battery Trays – Total of (3)
  • (2) Extra Battery Trays – Total of (3)
  • Renogy 500 Series Battery Monitor & Aluminum Bezel
  • 200-Watt Portable Solar Panel w/MPPT Controller & Carry Case

Why We Love The Encore RV Lines:

Without a doubt, the ROG and Venu lineup from Encore RV, will leave you fully equipped to unplug for a weekend getaway or extend your trip to soak in all Mother Nature has to offer. These lightweight towable travel trailers offer the luxuries of home while on the open road. For example, the ROG lineup has kitchen and bathroom options as well as units with a fireplace and satellite hookups. Seriously…there’s something for almost everyone!

“We will continue to change the game with better ways to build and produce these units. We will put our time and focus on new unique designs, higher quality materials, or pieces of equipment that truly enhance customer experience with our products. The customer experience always has and will continue to be priority over the price point of our units.” – Nick Vaughn, Regional Sales Manager

We are thrilled to carry the ROG and Venu lines from Encore RV, made for the ultimate adventurer! Additionally, our team of experts is here to get you in the perfect trailer for your unique camping style. For more information on specific units click the link below to shop our selection.

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