9 Must-Have RV Accessories for Your New Rig

So, you just bought your dream camper? First off, congrats! You are about to enter a community filled with adventure, laughter, and so many memories. Secondly, it can be overwhelming figuring out the RV accessories you need to keep handy during your travels. That’s why we’ve created our list of 9 essential RV accessories needed for your new rig.

Leveling Blocks


There are a few reasons to keep leveling blocks handy during your travels, let’s start with overall comfort. Leveling your RV at the campsite ensures your parked evenly, even if you’re surrounded by rocky or uneven terrain. Overall, it prevents the feeling of being tilted or unbalanced while inside the rig, providing a more comfortable living environment.

Appliance Safety

Plus, having a leveled RV ensures the interior appliances work properly. If uneven, it can affect drainage systems, the refrigerator, stoves, and sinks. Plus, cooking in an unleveled RV is not recommended, trust us!

RV Longevity

Most importantly, leveling your RV ensures longevity of your rig. Parking on uneven ground can put stress on the RV’s structure. This stress can affect the frame, walls, and slide-outs, potentially causing damage over time. Leveling blocks distribute the weight evenly, reducing strain on your rig. Additionally, when dealing with slide-outs, leveling the RV ensures that these slide-outs extend and retract smoothly without jamming or causing damage.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are wedges placed against the wheels to prevent the RV from rolling or moving unintentionally when parked. This is crucial for safety, especially when setting up camp on uneven surfaces or inclines, reducing the risk of accidents or the RV shifting unexpectedly.

When using leveling blocks to level the RV, wheel chocks and stabilizers help maintain that level by preventing the vehicle from shifting. This ensures the effectiveness of the leveling process, which is essential for the proper functioning of appliances and the overall comfort of the occupants.

RV Surge Protector

Protect your investment with an RV Surge Protector! This small but mighty piece of equipment safeguards your RV’s electrical system. Electrical surges can occur due to various reasons, such as lightning strikes, faulty campground wiring, or sudden power spikes. These surges can damage sensitive electronics and appliances within the RV, including TVs, refrigerators, the A/C, etc. The last thing you want to deal with is replacing damaged electronics or appliances due to electrical surges. Acting as a barrier, the surge protector absorbs excess voltage and prevents it from reaching your RV’s electrical system.

Knowing that your RV’s electrical system is protected brings peace of mind during your travels. Whether you’re at a campground or an RV park, unpredictable electrical situations can arise, and having a surge protector offers reassurance that your electronics and RV are safeguarded.

Portable Generator

Going off the grid is not only exciting, but you also get to see some of the most beautiful views out there! To preserve the beauty around these areas, you more than likely won’t have access to electrical hookups to power your rig. Because of this, a portable generator is a must! These compact generators have enough power to charge batteries, run appliances, and light your camper. Additionally, it can power your smaller devices such as a laptop and cell phone.

Overall, a portable generator provides the convenience, flexibility, and security of having a reliable power source wherever you go, making it an indispensable tool for off-grid adventures and emergency preparedness.

Solar Lights

Solar lights not only provide a cozy atmosphere, but they also help reduce the overall energy consumption while at a campsite. These energy efficient lights are typically easy to install and often portable, allowing you to place them wherever needed without the hassle of wiring or needing electrical outlets. Because they don’t require an outlet, you can easily move them around based on your lighting needs!

Plus, they’re another great addition when camping off-grid or in remote areas that don’t have electrical hookups.

RV Water Filter

The quality of water at different campsites or RV parks can vary significantly. A water filter system ensures that the water you use for drinking, cooking, and showering is clean and safe, removing harmful bacteria, parasites, or chemicals that might be present in untreated water sources. Using a water filter also helps prevents build up in your RV’s plumbing and appliances. Over time, these deposits can cause clogs or damage, reducing the lifespan and efficiency of your RV’s water systems.

Considering these benefits, investing in a water filter system for your RV is a wise decision to ensure clean, safe, and great-tasting water for all your needs while on the road.

RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS constantly monitors tire pressure, alerting you to any significant changes in real-time. This early warning system helps prevent blowouts, flat tires, and other tire-related issues while driving. Maintaining optimal tire pressure enhances vehicle stability, handling, and overall safety on the road. Additionally, maintaining the recommended tire pressure reduces rolling resistance, ensuring that the RV engine doesn’t have to work harder than necessary, ultimately saving fuel.

RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System isn’t just an accessory but a crucial safety feature that actively contributes to safer travels, reduces the risk of accidents, prolongs tire life, saves fuel, and provides peace of mind for RV owners.

Collapsible Outdoor Furniture

Create a cozy campsite with the help of tables and chairs surrounding your RV. Keeping collapsible outdoor furniture in your RV storage allows for extra seating space when you want to relax and soak in the sun.

RV Backup Camera

Adding a backup camera to your RV is a great addition to your RV. It enhances your view behind you, eliminating blind spots and enabling you to see vehicles and pedestrians that might be in your line of sight. This is particularly crucial when backing up a larger RV, improving overall safety. Plus, it’s a great to to have when connecting your rig to your tow vehicle!

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