7 Things to Love About The MDC USA XT12HR

There are so many things to love about the MDC USA XT12HR. When it comes to off grid adventures, MDC knows how to pack the features making any journey a memorable one.

1. Compact Travel Trailer


With a dry weight of 4,108lbs and a length of 18’2”, the MDC USA XT12HR is built for those who crave the outdoors. Despite its compact size, MDC USA’s thoughtful design ensures it can tackle rough terrains – including rock crawling. Additionally, it’s standard, plush, queen size bed provides a great night’s sleep after a day of exploring all mother nature has to offer.

2. Off Grid Ready

The XT12HR takes off-road capabilities seriously! The XT12HR is equipped with a 12V 200Ah Lithium battery, an AIMS Power 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, and 2 150W Solar Panels. The galvanized steel hot rolled tube frame, DO35 hitch, Aluminum allow wheels, X-TRACK independent coil spring suspension will give you a smooth ride. Plus, the handbrake located at the tongue of the trailer gives you added control and stability while you’re on rough, uneven terrain.

3. Sleek Interior Design

Interior of MDC USA XT12HR

Beyond its rugged exterior, the XT12HR features a sleek interior with black and white accents, offering endless design options. The East-West queen bed provides ample sleeping space, while the outdoor kitchen with a 3-burner cooktop, sink, shelves, and prep space ensures you’re fully equipped for gourmet meals during your camping adventures.  

4. Wetbath with a Portable Black Tank

A off grid travel trailer with a portable black tank? That’s right! The XT12HR comes with a cassette toilet. You’ll have a 5-gallon black water tank that will hold waste and can easily be transported when you get to your dumping station. Additionally, you’ll have two shower options – one inside and one on the back of the rig.

5. Durable Chassis

The galvanized steel hot rolled tube frames give the entire camper a strong foundation, and the articulating hitch allows you to glide over rough terrain and sandy beaches. Plus, the x-track coil spring suspension and the tough trax shock absorbers help support the tow vehicle as you travel down the road. When you get to your destination, the handbrake gives your entire rig more support when parking on uneven terrain.

6. 4 Seasons Ready | Cold Weather Package

Planning a cross-country trip? No problem! The XT12HR is equipped for all seasons with features like water tank heating pads, LiFePRO+ lithium battery with integrated heating, HWS electric anti-freeze kit, and insulated water lines.

7. Outdoor Storage & Features

One thing we find impressive with all MDC Travel Trailers is their abundance of storage. From the interior to the exterior, MDC USA used every nook and cranny to provide extra storage space. Plus, the outdoor kitchen gives you additional space to enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying a home cooked meal.

The MDC USA XT12HR seamlessly combines compact design, off-grid capabilities, sleek interiors, and durable construction, making it a top choice for adventurers seeking the perfect blend of comfort and ruggedness.

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