Northern Lite Special Edition Series Truck Camper RVs For Sale

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The Northern Lite Special Edition Series is a true four-season truck camper that has been built for adventure! Not only are these campers significantly lighter than any other four-season camper, but they are also loaded with features. Northern Lite has over thirty years of experience, and they have used this knowledge to construct every detail with precision.


The Special Edition Series comes with a Fantastic Fan, a Heki thermal skylight, a 10' side awning, a 7' power rear awning, a heated basement, a bedroom privacy drape, and a sliding propane tray. You'll be able to use the 12V LCD TV to watch some shows while you're out on the road, and the two 100W solar panels will allow you to stay wherever you want with power. You can also power your electronics with the two 12V/USB charging stations, and these campers now come standard with an exterior 110V plug. Some new options you should take note of are the 9"-wider dinette, the wireless backup camera, the removable third step, and the built-in Onan 2500LP generator. 


Available for both short and long box trucks, the Northern Lite Special Edition Series truck camper is four-season ready!

Special Edition Series Features:

Standard Features 


Standard Equipment

  • 2X100 Watt Solar Panel  
  • 2-12v/USB Charging Station  
  • LCD TV Screen 12v  
  • 60" x 80" High End Queen Mattress  
  • Air Conditioner 10000 BTU (Standard 10-2EXSEDB, 10-2EXSEWB; Optional 8-11EXSEDB, 8-11EXSEWB, 9-6SEWB)  
  • Awning 10' Side  
  • Awning 7' Power Rear  
  • Basement Storage Tray  
  • Cab Thru Window  
  • Carpet – Removable  
  • Deep Stainless Steel Sink  
  • Heki Thermal Skylight  
  • Acrylic Thermal Window  
  • Electric Jacks  
  • Fantastic Fan – 2200  
  • Four Season Package  
  • Heated Basement  
  • Microwave (Standard 10-2EXSEDB, 10-2EXSEWB; Optional 8-11EXSEDB, 8-11EXSEWB, 9-6SEWB)
  • No Leak Clam Shell Design  
  • Portable Generator Storage Box  
  • Bedroom Privacy Drape  
  • Rear Bumper Patio  
  • Sliding Propane Tray  
  • Stereo CD/DVD Player  
  • TV Antenna Razar Auto  
  • Sapelle Hardwood  
  • 3 Burner Stove with Oven  
  • 6.3 cu ft. 3-Way Fridge  
  • Exterior 110V Plug  
  • 18,000 BTU Auto Light Furnace  
  • Roomier Dry Bath  
  • LED Light Package  
  • Hot Water – DSI  
  • Hyper Vent Mattress Spacer  
  • Monitor Panel  


  • Boat Rack  
  • Happijac – Dually Brackets  
  • Factory Pickup  
  • Built-in Onan 2500LP Generator  
  • Greystokes Wood Interior  
  • U-Shaped Dinette  
  • 9" Wider Dinette  
  • Glass Thermal Windows  
  • Built-in Onan 2500LP Generator  
  • Fantastic Fan – 7300 w/remote  
  • Gas Electric Hot Water Exchange  
  • Microwave (Standard 10-2EXSEDB, 10-2EXSEWB; Optional 8-11EXSEDB, 8-11EXSEWB, 9-6SEWB)
  • Removable 3rd Step  
  • Wireless Backup Camera  
  • Upgrade to 2 X 200 Watt Solar Panels  
  • Air Conditioner (Standard 10-2EXSEDB, 10-2EXSEWB; Optional 8-11EXSEDB, 8-11EXSEWB, 9-6SEWB)

See us for a complete list of features and available options.

All standard features and specifications are subject to change.

All warranty info is typically reserved for new units and is subject to specific terms and conditions. See us for more details. 

Due to the current environment, our features and options are subject to change due to material availability. 


Northern Lite

Over 30-Years of History


In 1989, a group of experienced RV builders, working for a major fiberglass truck camper manufacturer saw a niche in the RV market and established Northern Lite Mfg. to design and build a fiberglass truck camper to fit import trucks.


The company evolved and eventually began to produce a complete line of full-sized truck campers.


In 1989, two entrepreneurs, Mac Donkin and Lloyd Gartrell, who had sold their successful businesses and decided to retire, each purchased with their wives, a Northern Lite Camper for a once in a lifetime tour across Canada and the US and after that a tour to Alaska. After spending 7 months on the road traveling, these gentlemen were so impressed with the quality and workmanship of their Northern Lite Campers that they decided that when they returned home they would invest in this growing company. They felt that if they and their wives were so pleased with these campers, then other buyers would be impressed also.


After 4 years of being investors, Mac and Lloyd decided to buy the rest of the Company. Putting their business experience to work, and emphasizing the importance of building a quality product, Mac and Lloyd expanded the Company until today Northern Lite is now one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of molded fiberglass truck campers in North America.