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About Princess Craft

There were a few twists and turns in the story that brought us to being a truck camper and light travel trailer dealership. In some ways, it is a surprise even to us that we ended up doing what we do, but we really love it! I imagine some of our customers and readers look back to how they became mobile adventurers and think, "Wow, that's a great story, and we're sure glad we lived it!" So, here's how Princess Craft RV came to be the fun business we love.

When we took possession of Princess Craft Manufacturing a number of years back, the business was all about manufacturing truck campers and camper shells. Yep, we made our own from the ground up! That was the model the founding owner of Princess Craft had in place, so that's where we started. Here's the deal, the profits weren't steady enough to carry the business down the road. You know that dissatisfied feeling. So, we looked to branch out and expand the scope of the business.

Before long, we were hopping with a diverse product line and services that included truck accessories, cargo trailers, utility trailers, custom modifications a little of everything. We began to deal primarily in the truck accessories and cargo/utility trailer worlds. We did well, but it was just a business. One might say our hearts weren't fully engaged, but we worked hard at it. It just didn't completely capture our interests and hearts.

A decision was made to add a line of truck campers produced by Shadow Cruiser. That was the start of big change in direction for us. In a short time we realized there was a big difference between the truck accessory customers and the adventurous camping crowd. The demeanor was different and infectious. Before long, we found that we were elated to see the truck camper folks drop in, and that we were somewhat less enthused to be engaged in truck parts, accessories and modifications.

There came a point where we connected the dots and realized that we do our best work when we love what we do and who we do it for. Stepping back, we saw that working with the camping crowd, with its fun and engaged spirit, simply gave us more life than the other aspects of the business. The truck camper customers were who we wanted to hang out with, so we decided to sell truck campers!

Princess Craft RV offers the newest models including Adventurer truck, camper Aliner, Forest River, Lance, Little Guy, Northwood, Palomino and more. Our location is complete with service, parts and sales departments. We will help you maintain your truck camper , folding camper , tear drop , travel trailer and toy hauler so that it runs for years. If it is having problems, we can diagnose and repair it! Schedule your service appointment today.

Our parts department also has the largest selection of high quality Adventurer, Aliner, Lance, Little Guy, Northwood, and Palomino parts and accessories in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. If you're looking for a specific part, accessory or item, please give us a call to confirm the item is in stock, or we can order it for you with delivery typically available the next day to Princess Craft RV.

Princess Craft RV dealership is located in Round Rock, Texas. We carry a wide variety of fantastic new RVs for sale, as well as used RVs for sale. We also offer RV rentals for those looking for a more temporary RVing option. No matter what you are looking for in terms of RVing, we can absolutely help out! If this sounds like what you are looking for, make sure that you contact us today for all of the details. 

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Princess Craft RV is conveniently located near the areas of Buda, Kyle Georgetown, Burnet, Austin, and Round Rock.