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Frequently Asked Questions

From Our Customers with Answers from the Princess Craft Team

Q. Where is Princess Craft RV located?

A. Princess Craft is located in Round Rock, Texas. Just 20 minutes north of Austin, Texas.

Princess Craft Address:  3101 N Interstate Hwy 35, Round Rock, TX 78664

From I35 heading South - Exit at Old Settler's Road (I35 South Exit 254 - Old Settler's Road), and stay straight but merge into the left lane on frontage road before you reach the light at Old Settler's Road. From the far left lane, the U-turn lane, proceed until you're heading north on frontage road. Merge to the right lane by the Central Texas Harley Davidson and enter the Princess Craft just after U-Haul. 

From I35 heading North - Exit at Old Settler's Road, (I35 North Exit 254 - Old Settler's Road) and stay straight on frontage road past the light at Old Settler's Road (McDonald's on the corner), for another 3/4 mile past the Harley Davidson and U-Haul locations. Merge to the right lane by the Central Texas Harley Davidson and enter the Princess Craft lot just after U-Haul. 

Q. How do I contact Princess Craft for questions about RV sales, RV parts or RV service?

A. Please call us during business hours listed below, or email us at your convenience. We will respond as soon as possible. 

Call Us - 512.251.4536 | M-F 8:30a-5p | Saturday: 9a-4p | Sunday: Closed

Princess Craft Department Contact Info - 
RV Sales - Ext. 83 |
RV Parts - Ext. 82 |
RV Service - Ext. 84 |
RV Financing - Ext. 818 |
RV Rentals - Ext 807 |

New RV Purchase

Q. I’ve chosen my new RV at Princess Craft and put down a deposit… now what?

A: First, thank you! We appreciate your business and are happy to welcome you to the Princess Craft family. If your unit is in inventory, your sales rep will schedule a convenient time with our service department for you to pick up your new RV. If your unit is pending delivery, waitlisted, or on order, your pick up and service time scheduling will occur when your unit arrives at Princess Craft. Please call your Princess Craft Sales Representative for updates on your unit delivery timeframes.

Q. What comes with my new RV at Princess Craft?

A. Below is a list of items that comes standard with applicable new and used Princess Craft RVs*. 

Battery - Princess Craft supplies all new and used RV purchases with a brand new closed cell marine grade lead-acid battery. Upgrade options are available for purchase and installation. Please ask your Princess Craft Parts Associate during your parts walkthrough or prior to your pick up date with your Princess Craft Sales Rep. 

Propane - Depending on the RV manufacturers tank setup, and count of tanks, Princess Craft supplies a full count and full tanks for all used and new RV units. One less stop before you get on the road to your first adventure! 

Freshwater Tank - Unless otherwise requested by the new RV owner ahead of the pickup date, your new and used RV unit from Princess Craft comes with a full fresh water tank filled with local city tap water.

Q. Can I get parts and accessories at Princess Craft?

A. If you are in need of parts for your current RV, new or used unit, or are looking for something you can't quite find online, Princess Craft's amazing Parts Team are available to assist with a wide selection of RV parts and RV accessories that may be difficult to readily find. Most items are available for overnight delivery to Princess Craft if you are in need of something immediately, give us a call. 

Call us to see if we have a part in stock - 512.251.4526 Ext. 82 - if we don't, we'd be more than happy to order the item for you!

Q. How do I know if my vehicle is properly set up or how to haul my new RV from Princess Craft?

A. Whether it's your first time picking up an RV from a dealership or you've been down this road before, when you pick up your RV from Princess Craft, we'll walk you through every aspect of your new travel trailer or truck camper, and how to set up or haul safely before you leave the lot. Our incredible Princess Craft RV Technician Team will show you every step of connecting and disconnecting all hookups. You'll have time to ask questions and try it yourself, all before you even get to your first RV camp or destination, and we'll send you on your way with a copy of your unit's Princess Craft RV Technician video walkthrough of your unit or the same model, so you'll be able to watch anytime at your convenience. 

Q. What if my tow vehicle needs parts or service before I can tow my new trailer from Princess Craft?

A. If your tow vehicle needs a new hitch or ball installed, or additional RV parts and services added or modified, be sure to discuss with your sales rep at the time of your new or used travel trailer pickup scheduling and our team of Princess Craft RV Technician Team will scope and estimate the additional work to ensure a timely pickup on your scheduled date. If you have any questions about a travel trailer part or service addition to your new or used travel trailer from Princess Craft, don't hesitate to call and speak with your Princess Craft Sales Representative or one of our ready to help Princess Craft Parts and Service Team members, depending on the unit and request.

Q. What if my truck needs parts for service before I can haul my new truck camper from Princess Craft?

A.  If your truck needs additional RV parts and services added or modified, be sure to discuss with your sales rep at the time of your new or used truck camper pickup scheduling and our team of Princess Craft RV Technicians will provide an estimate of the additional work to ensure a timely pickup on your scheduled date. If you have any questions about a truck camper part or service addition to your new or used truck camper from Princess Craft, don't hesitate to call and speak with your sales rep or one of our parts and service associates standing by to answer your questions.

Q. What if I have questions after I put down a deposit on an RV from Princess Craft?

A. Please contact your Princess Craft Sales Representative with any questions regarding your deposit on a unit at Princess Craft.

Q. I purchased an RV online or over the phone from Princess Craft, what should I expect next?

A. Thank you! We appreciate your business and hope to earn your trust as we proceed on your new or used RV unit together. Depending on the unit's availability, the next step will be similar to purchasing from us in person. You'll be contacted by your Princess Craft Sales Representative to schedule a pick up or delivery date depending on your choice, and availability of the unit ordered or purchase as available inventory. Please call us with any questions regarding your purchase.

Q. Why do prices vary from one dealership to another?

A. RV Dealerships are different than wholesalers, which can operate under different rules regarding pricing. Without service departments and less customer focus, wholesalers have unique benefits regarding pricing, but often come up short on their customer service and customer satisfaction. RV dealerships often use the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price MSRP as their price point. and each dealership has flexibility based on the unit's purchasing price from the manufacturers. As with any product, there is a markup from the manufacturer to the dealership price based on a number of variable factors. RV units also come with an incredible number of options based on the RVers intended camping use of the RV including boondocking or off-grid packages, solar charging and battery upgrades, and a number of other options similar to auto purchases to keep in mind when reviewing your new or used RV purchase price. 

Q. Are there any extra of hidden fees when purchasing an RV from Princess Craft?

A. No. There are no hidden fees or extra costs when purchasing an RV from Princess Craft. There are licensing fees and taxes which are presented at the time of your purchase or financing. Financing is available and details on your financing options must be addressed with your bank or our great Princess Craft Finance Manager. If you have any questions, please contact your Princess Craft Sales Representative or our Finance Manager to review your specific details. 

*Restrictions May Apply.

Delivery of Your New or Used RV

Q. How does On-Site Delivery work at Princess Craft?

A. Once your date and time are scheduled with your Princess Craft Sales Rep, your time at the dealership will depend mainly on your unit, tow vehicle or truck, and parts additions and services. We recommend expecting 4 hours minimum from your arrival to driving off the lot with your new RV. Princess Craft closes at 5p and service is traditionally completed before close.

Here's the steps we'll address in order to get you enjoying your new travel trailer or truck camper from Princess Craft: 

1. Service | Upon arrival, please head to the Princess Craft Service counter located at the far counter to your right from the front entrance. Our Princess Craft Service Associates are waiting to get your vehicle into the shop, and locate your Princess Craft Sales Rep and get you into your travel trailer or truck camper for the first time.
2. Sales | After your quick walk around, your sales rep will return you to the waiting area. We have free WIFI, coffee and water available for you, along with vending machines for snacks and Coke products. Your sales rep will confirm your arrival with our Finance Manager to finish your sale or financing documents. 
3. Finance | When your finance or sale documents are finalized, you'll return to the waiting area as your new or used RV is prepared along with your vehicle. 
4. Parts & Accessories | While you are waiting, one of our knowledgeable Princess Craft Parts Associates will take you through all of our available items, add-ons and upgrades for your travel trailer or truck camper. 

Traffic Ahead! Not I35... but not a bad idea to check your route! Depending on your vehicle and RV unit, and the other units being purchased on the same date, this could take from 2-6 hours to complete in our shop due to limited space and technicians. It is also common for a truck camper delivery with full vehicle prep to take up to an entire day from 9a-5p to complete. You are welcome to leave the dealership and we will contact you as soon as your vehicle is ready for you. We are happy to assist you with ordering food from recommended local and national restaurants in the immediate area as well as welcome any additional requests to make your wait as pleasant as possible. Most of all, thank you for your patience. 

5. Tech Walkthrough | Once traffic gets moving again, you'll be in the fast lane towards your next RV adventure! A thorough walkthrough led by our professional Princess Craft RV Technicians to review all of your connections, hookups, and all the bells and whistles of your new RV! This is your time to ask questions - don't be shy! Our fantastic Princess Craft RV Technicians have heard it all and always provide professional advise from a wealth of experience. 
6. Your Adventure Begins | You're all set! We're here for you and would love for you to share your trips and pics of your new or used travel trailer or truck camper at RV parks, resorts and rally's across the country. Princess Craft RV Parts and Service are here for your maintenance and upgrade needs.

Q. What is PDI and why is it done for every new and used RV purchased at Princess Craft?

A. Pre-Delivery Inspections or PDI's are completed on every new and used RV purchased from Princess Craft to ensure only the highest quality product possible is received by our customers. Consider this the last line of quality control before you, the customer, is in possession of the product. Checking visible and common areas, as well as checking everything from appliances and AC/Heaters, plumbing and electrical, to seals and wraps. 

Q. Will a Princess Craft RV Technician show me how to use all the equipment on my new RV when I pick it up?

A. Absolutely! You will have a dedicated Princess Craft RV Technician who will be working on your unit preparation, providing for complete familiarity with your unit and inner workings. The Princess Craft RV Technician will relay instructions for use and maintenance for all of the equipment on your new or used travel trailer or truck camper. In addition to an in person RV Technician walkthrough, you will also receive a USB drive with a recorded video of a Princess Craft RV Technician reviewing all items in your unit, or the same model. 

Q. Why does Princess Craft offer video RV Technician Show-Outs?

A. In early 2020, we were limited in our ability to provide the best in-person service to our customers. Our amazing Princess Craft RV Technicians walkthrough tours of our new and used RV units were so necessary and popular amongst our customers, that we started recording them instead! It's allowed us to create the happiest and most well educated RV customers, and maintain our focus on the health and safety of our staff, too. 

Q. Can I have my new or used RV delivered to my home?

A. Yes! We are happy to work with a delivery service of your choice, and currently utilize please use the link to estimate delivery charges. 

Q. If I have my new RV delivered to my home, will I get an in-person Princess Craft RV Technician Show-Out?

A. No. Our Princess Craft RV Porter or delivery will not include an in-person Princess Craft RV Technician Show-Out, but you will receive a USB with the video recording for viewing anytime at your convenience. 

Q. Can I have a travel trailer or truck camper shipped to me outside of the continental United States?

A. Give us a call to discuss details on your shipping location with our Princess Craft Sales Representative. All customs details need to be handled by you and your Princess Craft Sales Representative.

Q. What do I need to bring with me to pick up my RV at Princess Craft?

A. There are some specific items to bring, listed below including your Driver's License and any Loan Documents required to complete your financing with us. Not sure what to bring? Give us a call and we'll be happy to review your items for your specific RV. 

Whether you are picking up a trailer or a truck camper, be sure to bring the following with you:

  • Driver's License - Confirmation and record of ownership for pick up.
  • Loan Documents - Not financing with us, make sure you've got all supporting document required for your loan. Not sure what you need, give us a call and ask for Ed in Finance.
  • Entertainment - A good book, tablet, laptop or other entertainment for you and the kiddos. We have FREE coffee, water and WIFI for you while you wait,  vending machines for snack and Coke products for purchase. Dogs are always welcome at the dealership, too!

If you are picking up a travel trailer from Princess Craft, please confirm the following when you arrive:

  • Tow Vehicle Hitch and Ball Mount - Check these are attached and/or in your vehicle, and our Princess Craft Service Team are aware if we need to install these on your vehicle. These are available to purchase and installation is available through Princess Craft Parts and Service Teams.  

Picking up a truck camper from Princess Craft? Make sure you have the following when you arrive please: 

  • Remove your truck tailgate and plastic bed liner - If left on, our RV Technicians will remove and attempt to place your tailgate in your truck camper or vehicle, but this is not advised. This could lead to potential damage to your truck camper, your vehicle or the truck bed door in transit. Additionally, when placing the truck camper in your truck bed, if a plastic liner insert exists it creates a dangerous situation as it could mar your truck camper and cause it to move around while in transit. We recommend a rubber bed liner to maintain the bed and ensure a safely situated truck camper. 

Q. Why does it take so long to get my new RV? When I've purchased a vehicle from a dealership, it takes less than half a day to drive off with my new vehicle!

A. When picking up your new or used travel trailer or truck camper, there are many factors which lead to a longer than expected experience at Princess Craft of another RV dealership:

  • Packages & Add-Ons - The type of unit, appliances and add-ons being installed are the major factors which contribute to the time it takes to get your unit prepared.
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection - This process which starts in the days prior to your pickup with our PDI or Pre-Delivery Inspection occurring, is completed only when we have your tow vehicle or truck to confirm all connections and hook-ups are operating as expected.
  • RV Demand -  Interest in purchasing new RVs has skyrocketed across the industry and we are doing our best to keep up with demand at Princess Craft. RV manufacturers are also doing their best to keep up with varying shortages and production delays, which impact RV dealerships and customers directly.

Finance and Insurance

Q. Does Princess Craft offer financing options for my RV purchase?

A. Yes! We offer financing on all new and used RV purchases from Princess Craft. Our friendly Finance Managers are ready to help get you the financing you need and get you on the road as soon as possible with a minimum down payment and approved credit. 

Q. How can I apply for financing with Princess Craft?

A. When you've selected an RV for purchase, let your Princess Craft Sales Rep know that you're interested in financing options or get started with our online Princess Craft Financing Application today.

Q. Can I get my own financing when purchasing an RV from Princess Craft? 

A. Yes! We're happy to work with your bank, credit union or financial institution to utilize their financing options. Any outside financing needs to be completed PRIOR to your RV pickup date. 

Q. Can I include parts, accessories, and services in my financing?

A. Yes! We're able to add your pasts, accessories and service costs to your financing request. Please discuss details ahead of time and indicate to your Princess Craft Sales Representative, our RV Technician Team, or Finance Manager your interest in including these items and services in your financing final amounts. 

Q. Can I trade in my used RV at Princess Craft?

A. Yes! We welcome your used unit for trade-in or sales valuation. Please give us a call to discuss your trade-in with a member of the Princess Craft Sales team. 

Q. Are there taxes and registration fees for my new RV from Princess Craft?

A. Yes! Depending on it being a truck camper or travel trailer, and the state you reside in, there are specific taxes and registration fees associated with each. 

Truck Camper - No license or registration needed, but there are still sales taxes associated with the purchase unless dictated by your home state.

Travel Trailer - You will need license and registration for your travel trailer, as well as taxes associated with the purchase, unless outside of Texas. Princess Craft provides your temporary tags and registration, if in Texas*. 

Q. Does a truck camper need its own license plate?

A. No, your truck camper is considered a 'payload' and not an individual vehicle. No license is needed to carry a truck camper, but Princess Craft is able to mount your license plate on the truck camper. 

Q. How do I get RV Insurance, and is it required by law to have?

A. Most states require at least 'Liability' coverage for your RV, and we highly advise contacting your vehicle insurance provider, as most major carriers offer an RV option, as well as understanding the laws of the state(s) you'll be RVing in and through to understand your own needs for insurance coverage. Ask our Finance Managers for more information on our preferred partner for RV insurance.

*Restrictions May Apply.

Warranties and Service Plans

Q. What does an RV manufacturer warranty cover on my new RV?

A. Most RV manufacturers offer a limiter 12 month limited warranty on the structure, which only covers items the manufacturer fabricated. For example, appliances like a refrigerator would require a warranty submission to the manufacturer of the refrigerator, not the RV manufacturer. Warranty's vary from manufacturer and we recommend reviewing your RV unit's specific manufacturer warranty for the most accurate and up-to-date warranty coverage information. Please give us a call with any questions regarding your warranty. 

Q. How do I schedule service at Princess Craft?

A. Please use our online service appointment scheduler - Schedule RV Service at Princess Craft - or give us a call at 512.251.4526, Ext. 84. 

Q. Why are there wait times for service? 

A. Due to increased interest and demand in the purchase of RVs of all makes and models, including travel trailers and truck campers, there are many more actively in use, and many requiring regular maintenance along with repairs and upgrades. Combine usage increases with purchase increases, and there are also more new units being processed every day. We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you at Princess Craft.

Q. What RV services does Princess Craft offer?

A. If it involves a truck camper or travel trailer, we're here to help! Our professional and highly trained staff of Princess Craft RV Technicians, along with our Princess Craft RV Parts and RV Service Teams who are ready to help with the following services:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades and Installations
  • Fiberglass and Aluminum Repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tow Vehicle Equipment Sales, Installation and Setup
  • Safety Checks
  • System Checks: Gas, plumbing, and electrical
  • Wash, Clean and Detail

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