WIFI on the Road with TOGO and Winegard

You likely go camping in part to “just get away from it all” or to “reset” yourself. That’s what we all should be doing, right? BUT, in our evermore connected lives, we’re all finding reason to look for ways to get data way out there with us. This is especially true of work-campers and full-timers. Well, TOGO and Winegard are looking to meet the need. We had Garry Weaver come in to tell us about new products and services the may help you get the 1’s and 0’s you need on the road. Take a listen!

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In this episode…

The question of WIFI and wireless internet access comes up daily with customers in the showroom… so we asked Garry Weaver from Winegard what their newest options for connected RV’ers are! Take a listen to learn about the TOGO systems and what they mean for those who want to work and play digitally while on the road.

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TOGO & Winegard for an Internet Win!

As you listen, you’re probably thinking of how to work and live life on your terms… full-time on the road! Well, weekend trips without internet are amazing, but weeks and months can be altogether different. TOGO is here with a full-timer’s solution for digital work and play while you travel.

*** There was a question about the supposed $199/mo plan. Well… that’s actually a different company, with a different product, and it isn’t for RV’ers. The TOGO product and wireless internet plans can be seen at RunsWithTOGO.com. The other company… and this is why it gets confusing, is “Unlimited To Go,” and it’s a residential internet plan that requires NetGear equipment. So, not the same, and not geared toward the RV market.

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