TAXA Mantis | The Perfect Family Overland Camper

Written by Caitlyn Smalley
Videography/Editing/Production: Clint Sandburg, Presenter/Host: PJ Buerger

As the largest of the adventure vehicles in the Taxa lineup, the Mantis is ready for an off-road excursion! And, with the ability to sleep 4, is the perfect adventure travel trailer for the whole family. With NASA roots, these trailers are thoughtfully built, making them easy to tow and providing plenty of interior space. As an off-grid camper, each product is built to explore further so you can soak in as much nature as possible. Additionally, the Mantis can fit in most garages, so you won’t have to store it in a facility – meaning adventure is right at your fingertips whenever you’re ready!

Head Turning Travel Trailer

This 19-foot Mantis will immediately catch your attention. From the matte aluminum-composite side walls to the angled doors, this travel trailer is a head-turner.

The pop-up roof provides extra headroom and ventilation throughout the interior. Plus, you can enjoy a nice book on the sofa, or gather around the dinette for family game night. With 20 gallons of fresh water, you can shower off the grid that accommodates overlanders up to 6’6”. And when you’re wanting to rinse off your feet or even a pup, you can use the flexible shower hose that can reach the doorway before heading inside. When the shower is not in use, this extra space allows you to store additional items or can create a nice workspace.

Family Adventure Rig

Designed for adventurous families, the bunk system in the Mantis flips up from the couch and can hold 185 pounds. Additionally, the dinette converts into the main sleeping area, measuring 80in x 54in, perfect for two adults.

With a small but mighty kitchen, you’ll have everything you need to whip up a hot meal after a day of exploring – including a two-burner stove and sink. Plus, the various storage compartments in the kitchen area provide great space for spices, snacks, and even kitchen utensils. TAXA really thought of everything in this lightweight camper, including a space for your cooler!

Milk Crate Storage System

One truly unique thing that we love in the TAXA line is the multi-purpose milk crate drawer system. It not only allows for efficient packing but can also be customized to fit your needs. Need a little extra storage room? Simply pull the crates out to store camping gear, clothes, extra bags, and other necessities. Milk crates are stackable, durable, and long-lasting – so they can hold up in whatever environment you throw their way. However, if you don’t love the look, you can easily take them out for open space or replace them with your own storage bins.

The built-in rear ladder provides easy access to the roof where you can store bikes, kayaks, and any other gear you’re looking to bring along. Additionally, with the rear hatch, you can pack your last-minute essentials and bigger items.

TAXA Mantis

Taxa’s vision is to transform how we live, learn, and play outside – and they’ve done just that. Take a detour from the campgrounds and get off the beaten path in the TAXA Mantis!

Why We Love The TAXA Mantis

  • Off-Grid Capabilities
  • Sleeps 4
  • Timbren Axle-less Suspension
  • Lock-n-Roll 360-degree Hitch
  • 14″ Ground Clearance
  • Wet Bath
  • Rear Hatch

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