RV Show Tips To Know Before You Go

It’s RV season which means it’s time to grab your walking shoes and hit the lots to see some of the most incredible RVs out there. From million-dollar motorhomes to tiny teardrop trailers, RV dealerships are busting out their most unique and intriguing rigs to showcase at RV shows across the nation. Now, we know it can be overwhelming when it comes to shopping for your perfect RV, so we’ve curated a list of some of our tips and tricks when attending these expos.

During The Show

Keep A Running List

Lance Truck Camper

As you walk through the show and spot RVs you love, write them down! There’s so much to do and see at these expos – you’ll want a way to remember the campers to come back to. Some customers prefer to do this with a pen and paper, others will keep a list going in the notes app of their phone. Whichever method works for you as both give you the same outcome!

Where Do You Plan On Camping?

Keep in mind the type of camping you want to do. In fact, this will be a good-to-know before you go. There are so many features out there, whether you plan to RV full time, escape off-grid, or get away for the weekend – it’s important to know your must haves in your new rig.

Layout Is Everything!

In the same respect, know the layout you’re looking for. Do you want slides for more room? A bathroom, refrigerator, private bedroom, wet bath, dry bath. Etc.

Shopping Or Buying?

Princess Craft RV Team

This is going to impact the entire way you look at walking an RV show. Are you just starting out in the RV community and want to get the lay of the land? That’s fantastic…and WELCOME! Attending an RV show is a great way to get familiar with different floorplans, capabilities, etc.

If you’re planning on buying at a show, there are some details you’ll want to have top of mind. Have a budget in mind and stick with that (read more here), go into the show knowing whether you’d like to put a down payment on the unit, and if you have a trade-in. You’ll want to have the details handy!

What Can Your Tow Vehicle Hold?

Northern Lite Truck Camper

Next, know all the nitty gritty details about your tow vehicle. This includes the year, make, model, VIN, any additional mods or packages you have as well. Additionally, it won’t hurt to look up your vehicles towing capacity before you arrive at the show.

Are You Trading In A Unit?

If you have a unit you plan to trade-in, RV dealerships will need some info to help calculate its value. This includes the year, make, and model of your current unit. Plus, it’ll be helpful to know the condition of the camper along with some up-to-date photos (4 photos of the outside and 4-5 of the inside).

Ask The Manufacturer

Lastly, bring your questions! Many times, dealerships will have manufacturer reps set up at their respective site. This is a great time to get all your questions answered straight from the team at the factory.  

There is so much to see and do in such a small amount of time at any RV Show you attend. We hope this list gets you one step close to finding your dream camper, where you’re able to unplug and enjoy all mother nature has to offer!

Princess Craft will be at the Southeast Texas Boat, Sport, and RV Show February 2-4, 2024 at Fort Park in Beaumont, Texas. We will be showcasing truck campers, travel trailers, and some off road campers. Make sure to swing by and see us for games, discounts, and of course…awesome RVs!

Can’t make the show in Beaumont? Come see us in Austin at the Austin RV Expo!

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