RV Gift Idea Dec 16 – Camper Earrings

‘Tis the Season! … to Shine and Sparkle!

You love the camping and travel life that your RV allows you to live. So, why not keep the fun going when your out and about? These fun earrings are eye catching, and they really start conversations… you know, the ones about your camper, your trips, your plans…. ahhhhhh, so good!

Special 20% off deal! Only Nov. 28-29, 2018!They’re Just So cute and fun!

Oh how camping makes you sparkle! Oh how travel makes you shine! There’s no question you love going places and spending time in the beautiful great outdoors. So, how do you show it? How do you share that joy and get people talking and dreaming of camping right alongside of you? Start with the perfect statement/conversation piece! Camping earrings!


Need a camper to go with those cute camper earrings?

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