Rugged Adventure Awaits With The inTech Flyer Forge

Video Details: Presenter/Host: PJ Buerger, Videography: Caitlyn Smalley, Editing/Production: Clint Sandberg

You asked for it, and inTech RV delivered! Introducing the inTech Flyer Forge. This expandable toy hauler has the same rugged design loved in the flyer line and is built with the same all-aluminum, fully welded cage frame, strong enough to handle rugged terrain. Unlike traditional RVs, the Flyer Forge can go off the beaten path allowing you to immerse yourself in nature. As a micro-lite toy hauler, the Forge is easy to tow, and the roomy interior provides plenty of space to pack up your motorcycles, ATVS, and any other toys you want to bring along on your grand adventure.

Expandable Toy Hauler Interior

With room for all your equipment, the spacious garage area measures in at 80”x160”. You can rest easy knowing your cargo will stay secure in the Forge with the 9 tie-downs. Plus, the wall-mounted airline tracks, cubbies, and cabinets provide plenty of storage space for any additional camping gear.

The garage area will also serve as your sleeping space once you’ve arrived at your campsite. With a standard build on the Forge, you’ll have a roadside tip-out plus a sleeper sofa. However, you can customize the garage area to include a drop-down bunk or curbside tip-out for extra sleeping space. Or, take advantage of the floor space and bring along an air mattress! This toy hauler is truly customizable, allowing you to create an area that fits perfectly for you and your family.

Luxurious Amenities While Off Grid

As the largest toy hauler in the Flyer line from inTech, the Forge features a wet bath with a porcelain toilet, aluminum walls with a sealing exterior door so you’ll never have to worry about sticking to a shower curtain.

inTech Flyer Kitchen With Wet Bath

Enjoy hot meals during your camping trips with the help of the two-burner cooktop and large farmhouse sink. Plus, the 12V refrigerator will keep your snacks and drinks cold during your adventures! With the addition to an LP furnace, you can fully embrace the great outdoors off the grid without sacrificing comfort.

Let’s Talk Exterior

Another new feature inTech added to the Forge is the full walkable roof, meaning you can enjoy the stars with an unobstructed view. The ladder to get onto the roof compactly stores on the interior of the rig, keeping it out of the way until you’re ready to use it. Plus, the addition of a roof rack gives you even more space and opportunity to transport bikes and kayaks. Or add an additional sleeping space with an aftermarket rooftop tent. Once you’ve made it to your campsite, let out the 14’ Power awning with LED lights for ultimate relaxation while soaking in your surroundings.

Whether you’re gazing at the stars from the roof or carving through uncharted trails, the 2024 inTech Flyer Forge embodies the spirit of rugged exploration without compromising on comfort. So, gear up, set forth, and let the adventures roll!

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