ROG 14RKB by Encore | Your New Adventure Rig

Written by Caitlyn Smalley
Presenter/Host: PJ Buerger, Videography/Editing: Clint Sandberg

When it comes to exploring the off-road depths of nature, having the right gear is crucial. Encore RV dedicates itself to the quality of their off-road rigs. Because of this, adventure seekers are fully equipped to handle whatever journey comes their way. From the 100% wood free structure to the composite materials and aluminum cabinetry, the ROG 14RKB has it all. Plus, it’s unique design makes this an easy tow whether you find yourself on the highway or traveling over rugged terrain.

Built for the Unpredictable

Adventurers need reliability, and the ROG 14RKB embodies just that. Crafted with a reinforced chassis, the ROG can take on rough trails, rocky paths, and challenging weather conditions without breaking a sweat. Its off-road tires, enhanced suspension, and ample ground clearance ensure a smooth ride even on the most uneven surfaces. With all of this said, the ROG gives you the freedom to explore where others can’t.

Compact Yet Spacious

The thoughtful design of the interior provides ample room for living, dining, and resting without compromising on comfort. The pull-out kitchen features a sink, two burner stove, and loads of storage; allowing for amazing meals under the stars. With a cozy sleeping area, you can rest up for your full days of hiking and exploring. Plus, the interior and exterior have plenty of cabinet space for extra clothes, shoes, snacks, and whatever else you want to bring along!

One of the coolest parts of the ROG 14RKB? Its functional bathroom at the rear of the camper. With a completely private entrance, the separate bathroom allows you to freshen up without tracking mud or dirt through the main area. All these features allow you to focus on your adventure without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Self-Sufficiency at Its Core

The Survival Series isn’t just an RV; it’s your gateway to unforgettable memories. With ample solar power and lithium batteries, you’ll stay comfortable no matter how far your journey takes you.

Versatility Redefined

Whether you’re embarking on a solo escapade or traveling with a companion, the ROG 14RKB will get you there in style. Its versatility adapts to various lifestyles, making it the perfect choice for thrill-seeking individuals, couples craving adventure, or even small families with the travel bug.

Unmatched Peace of Mind

From various axes to a handy shovel, the Survival Series is jam packed with camping gear. Plus, the large awnings will keep you protected rain or shine! Not only that, but the roof rack allows you to travel with your kayaks, bikes, paddle boards, and anything else you want to bring along.

Embrace the Unrivaled Wilderness Experience

The 14RKB Survival Series offers an unparalleled experience tailored for the ultimate traveler. Its rugged exterior and robust construction are not just for show; they’re a testament to its capability to withstand the harshest environments and terrains.

So, embrace the thrill of off-road exploration, stop by Princess Craft RV and check out the ROG 14RKB up close. Step into the world of limitless adventures and embark on a journey that will redefine the way you experience the great outdoors. Your next unforgettable escapade awaits, and the Encore RV ROG 14RKB Survival Series is your ticket to making it happen.

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