Road Trip Games


Camping with kids can be an….adventure.

Keeping them entertained on the road and in the camper can be challenging for even the best parents. So whether the batteries on their devices are running low, or you left them at home all together, here is a list of some of the best (or at least entertaining) games to play!

Listen to us talk about these games on the RV Small Talk Podcast here! 


90d13e88303a9f0f60fbf8fa66d401f01) Car Bingo

A classic and a favorite for generations! You can make this as simple or complicated as you want, even add in some humor! With a little prep you can make your own cards before you leave, but there are also plenty of pre-made cards you can buy (hello Amazon!). This game is great for all ages, and keeps everyone looking out the window and engaged.

2) The Radio Game

I am sure someone out there has a more creative name for this game, but we always just called it the radio game. Best played with older children, or grown ups. You just push that handy ‘shuffle’ button on your radio and get ready to name the artist first! Whoever gets the name of the artist before the channel changes again gets the point. Warning: this game may broaden your music knowledge horizons!

4) Hey COW!

Again, not the most creative name, but this game is my favorite for it’s pure simplicity! When you see a field of cows on your side on the car, roll down the window and yell as loud as you can HEY COW! then quickly count how many cows turn and look, there’s your score! Told you it was simple. Annoying, yes, but the kids will get tired and need a nap. Plus, it’s hilarious!

5) Beetle Car (Slug Bug)                                                                                                                                                     vw-beetle-images-pixabay-download-free-pictures-slug-bug-png-830_340

See a VW Beetle car? Yell Slug Bug! If you want to up the game, give out a friendly arm tap when you see the car but be nice! Remember, you have to camp with these people! You’ll have to play this game soon, because those cars are disappearing off the road quick! Maybe we can change it to Prius Bug?

While at the campsite: You’re camping, it’s raining, what now?

1) Song Pong

This game can be played with two people, but it’s really fun in teams! Pick a common word (star, love, car, etc) and trade off singing a few lines of a song containing the word. See how many songs you can think of! Use your hand as a microphone, and get into it, karaoke style!

2) Board Games                                                                             

Okay, this is a no brainer, but they are life savers on rainy days or sweltering days. Don’f forget to pack your favorite board or card games while your gathering things for the trip, and leave the ones with all the little pieces at home.

3) Mind Games

These were always a favorite in my house growing up because you don’t need anything but your brain! You can find brain teasers online or a whole book of them at almost any gas station on your way to the campground. Gather around and read the puzzle out loud, see who can come up with the correct answer first! These kinds of games also tend to strike up some great conversations!

We all know that camping means being outside, enjoying nature, and putting technology away for a while. Sometimes, though, you need a little entertainment. In the car or at the campsite, hopefully you have some good ideas to pass the time when needed. Plus, sometimes you just need to yell “HEY COW!!!!” out the window.

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