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Cube Series

We have been living and breathing RVs and campers, with over 40 years of experience, right in the heart of where the outdoor lifestyle thrives – Bend, Oregon. As automobiles and trucks have innovated, we realized that the technology of campers was simply being left behind. They were either too large and heavy for the average compact truck, or limited to flappy canvas pop-ups. This is where the idea of Cube Series was born.


We set out to create the next generation of campers and trailers, focused on convenience and ease of use, without the sacrifice of the durability that higher end hard shell RVs provide. Cube Series campers and trailers are lightweight, waterproof, canvas-free and designed with cutting edge materials and are comprised of rugged aluminum, resilient composites, alloys, and renewable resources. Our mission is to evolve the camping experience, all at a lower price than any comparable models.


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