The 2018 Luna Teardrop Trailer from InTech RV

“Whoa. This thing is eye-catching.” That’s really the first thought when we came across the Intech RV Luna teardrop here at Princess Craft RV in Round Rock, Texas.


Intech Luna Teardrop Trailer at SunsetNow, we have learned quite a bit about how much and how little the camping and RV camping community understands the teardrop trailer segment since we released our walk-through video of the InTech RV Luna back in October of 2017. As it turns out, teardrop trailers and the camping community that loves them are both very, and I mean very, misunderstood.


That’s okay. We’re absolutely good with the way teardrop trailers start impassioned conversations. There is a real and unique camping philosophy that goes with tiny trailer camping in the teardrop format! It always raises questions and drives creative camping and adventure thoughts! Regardless, teardrop trailer camping IS camping in a style that’s close to nature.


All of that aside, and without going into the long and interesting history of teardrop trailers (all the way back to the 1930’s), we need to talk about THIS trailer, the InTech RV Luna teardrop.


We got our hands on a pre-production Luna in October, and we were taken with it immediately. The form factor is 100% classic teardrop trailer except for the one obvious and glaring difference… THAT WINDOW! The conversation keeps coming back to the window on the front.


Intech Luna Teardrop Trailer PrintsHere’s what you need to know about the window. It is HUGE. It is made from automotive-grade glass… think “windshield”. The view and connection to the outdoors from the inside is absolutely unparalleled in the teardrop trailer segment. At the time of this posting, there have been NO reports of road-debris related window breaks/cracks/dings.


One design/engineering element that may account for the current zero-breakage count might be how close the window actually is to the back of the tow-vehicle. It “protrudes” a bit over the tongue of the trailer. The trajectory of any road debris kicked up by the tow-vehicle’s tires needed to impact the trailer’s front window is simply extremely unlikely.


Onto other details. The interior is very modern, and even masculine feeling. Some have ventured to call it a “man-cave on wheels.” That may be because of the very nice and prominent television. The cushions are very comfortable and can be configured in quite a few different manners to accommodate how you would want to use the space. We’ve had four full-grown adults in the trailer at the same time, all having a wonderful conversation and frankly, not wanting to get out!


The outdoor kitchen, as any “proper” and “classic” teardrop trailer design should have, has its own gravity. Really, it’s beautiful and it draws you in for a closer look. The finish and equipment is top-notch. There is an optional fridge/freezer unit that can be monitored and controlled using an app on your smartphone. Crazy, right?


Okay, I’ll share the video below and some specs. Mind you, the video is of a PRE-PRODUCTION Intech RV Luna. We are nothing but impressed with the quality, both engineering and materials, that Intech RV puts into their production units. They are top-notch.


Intech Luna Teardrop Trailer at Night2018 Intech RV Luna Specs:

Overall Length 185 1/16″

Overall Width 93 1/4″

A-Frame Length 20 3/4″

Box Length 164 5/16″

Box Width 72″

Overall Height 79 1/4″

Ground Clearance 11 1/2″

* Interior Length 83″

Interior Width 69″

Interior Height 55 7/8″

Axles 2200#

GVWR 2200#


Optional Electric Brakes

Weight Range/lbs. approx. 1800#

Hitch Ball Size 2″

* Hitch Height 15 5/8″

* From Back Wall to Bench


All dimensions are in inches and are nominal. Dimensions on actual trailer may vary from what is listed based on actual framing and trailer structure. All dimensions are subject to change without notice.


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