T@G SE Teardrop Trailer

nuCamp T@G Simple Edition

If you’ve ever wondered what you could do with a bare-bones, no-frills, just the essentials T@G teardrop trailer from nüCamp RV… here’s your chance! This is a T@G SE (Simple Edition), and it’s from a limited run of back-to-basics minded trailers nüCamp has built. The foundation of the T@G series is super strong and capable, so it’s perfect as a foundation to outfit precisely for you! Light-weight, strong, capable… just pack up and take you and your inspiration out on the road to adventure! PJ from Princess Craft RV takes just a few moments to see what this simple rig has to offer. Come along!

The 2020 Luna Rover

inTech Luna Rover

InTech RV has a way of reimagining and updating designs with modern materials and manufacturing practices. The new 2020 Luna Rover, the off-road version of their unique take on a teardrop trailer, is a solid trailer with a welded-aluminum cage at its core. Light-weight and strong. The front window is a signature part of the Lunas by Intech RV, but you’ll find quite a few other great features in this build. Come along with PJ from Princess Craft RV as she tours the Luna Rover with Keith from InTech RV, at the InTech RV factory in Nappanee, Indiana!