RV Gift Idea Dec. 15 – Little Red Campfire

‘Tis the Season! … to sit by a Little Red Campfire!

Check out this HOT and Smokin’ (not literally) deal on the coolest portable campfire out there!

Special 20% off deal! Only Nov. 28-29, 2018!They’re Just So Warm and Inviting!

Imagine lighting a campfire with no wait and no mess… even when fire restrictions don’t allow you to build a traditional fire. The Little Red Campfire from Camco is perfect for setting a camping mood… anywhere! Fueled by propane, it’s clean and easy. Pick one up at 20% off and you’ll be the coolest one at camp, sittin’ by your Little Red Campfire!


Need a camper to go with your fire-side chats?

Click here for our clearance listings!

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