Gift Idea – Currituck Ice Chest for Camping and Travel

‘Tis the Season!

Are you looking for a Special Gift for the Happy Camper in your life?  Let us help you with ideas that our shoppers just love! Take a look below at the feature-rich Currituck Ice Chest!

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Are you comparing options to decide which brand of cooler to buy?  
The Currituck Heavy Duty Cooler by Camco has so many features you might miss a few!   They are available in the 30qt or 50 qt., both built with 
  •  Keeps ice for up to 10 days!
  •  Rugged design with stainless steel hardware and impact modified polypropylene resin with uniform wall thickness in combination with a closed-cell polyurethane foam and a freezer-grade seal.
  • 2 great handles on each side…  A molded side handle and a long rope handle for easy carrying (so yourWhite Grey Currituck handle is actually above to top of the cooler while carrying it!)
  • Stainless steel bottle openers on each side
  • Double sided feet, one side is rubber for a non-slip base, the other side is molded plastic for easy sliding on slick surfaces. 
  • Molded slots for straps to hold the cooler in place and still have full access to the interior!  Slots also double as locking locations to keep the lid closed!
  • Low drains on each side for easy draining in any location!
  • Great optional accessories like cup holders, fishing rod holders, dry baskets and dividers!
Check out all the Currituck Ice Chest features!

Need a camper to go with that high-tech cooler?

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